This is the second part of the quantum mechanics course offered for MSc Physics students, at School of Physics, University of Hyderabad.

Course Structure and Course details

PY453 Quantum Mechanics – II

Perturbation methods. Rayleigh-Schrodinger perturbation theory, degenerate case, applications, variational methods. WKB approximation. Time dependent perturbation theory, Fermi’s Golden rule. Semiclassical radiation theory, interaction of charged particles with electromagnetic fields, polarizability of a system, Photo-electric effect, Einstein’s A, B coefficients.

Spin. Stern Gerlach experiment, Pauli’s two component equation, addition of angular momenta. Identical particles, symmetrization postulate, Bose and Fermi-statistics, Pauli exclusion principle. Helium atom, Spin in a time dependent magnetic field, Hartree-Fock method. Symmetry in quantum mechanics, space and time displacements, rotations, space inversion, time reversal, Spin-orbit coupling, j-j coupling, Zeeman effect.

Quantum mechanics of molecules, Born-Oppenheimer approximation.

Relativistic Quantum Mechanics, Klein Gordon equation, Dirac equation, properties of Dirac Matrices, positive and negative energy states. Free Dirac particle in an external electro-magnetic field.

Recommended books :

1. Quantum Mechanics L. Schiff

2. Quantum Mechanics E. Merzbacher

3. Practical Quantum Mechanics S. Flugge

4. Quantum Mechanics Mathews and Venkatesan

5. Quantum Mechanics M. P. Khanna

6. Principles of Quantum Mechanics P. A. M. Dirac

7. Lectures on Quantum Mechanics G. Baym